Cross Training: Power of Pilates MRG EP9


Cross-training, as we’re often told, is essential if we want to stay healthy and strong, and wish to continue running for as long as possible. In this episode, Heather Durocher talks with certified Pilates instructor Jennifer Cutler, owner of Pure Pilates in Traverse City, Michigan, about the benefits of this form of exercise. Heather began twice-weekly Pilates sessions about seven years ago and believes she’s a stronger runner as a result. “With a stronger core, I feel stronger running. Jen’s voice sometimes comes to mind, her words of ‘shoulders back and down, belly button pulled to your spine’ reminding me that my core muscles are what propel me forward and play such an important role (along with my legs, lungs and arms) in putting one foot in front of the other,” Heather says. “The stretching and strengthening that I experience leave me feeling re-aligned, centered, balanced and … just happy.”

Jennifer shares the Stott Pilates philosophy, how moves on the mat as well as on what’s known as the “reformer” machine helps build core strength, and what listeners should look for when searching for a Pilates studio in Michigan. Jennifer Tank, a fellow northern Michigan runner and Pilates devotee, also joins the conversation, sharing her own take on how Pilates has helped her in everyday life as well as in her athletic pursuits.


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