Our Mission

Our mission is to make podcasting easier for podcasters.  When you commit to consistently create content and find ways to monetize your podcast it becomes a lot more challenging. We’re here to take on the tedious parts podcasting so you can focus on content and growing your show.

The Start of Quarter After Productions


From Left to Right (Carly Anderson, Shaun Mckolay, and Bob Miller) record the first episode of Drink My Brewcast with a single USB microphone.

Quarter After Productions was founded by national award winning performing songwriter Mike Moran who lives in Traverse City, Michigan. He has performed all over the country and on his long car rides between shows he fell in love with podcasting. After working and living in San Diego from 2009 to 2012 he returned home to Traverse City, Michigan where he co-founded Drink My Brewcast with host Bob Miller.

Mike saw an opportunity to create digital stages in a radio show format for local businesses in Michigan. He then started producing podcasts for The Filling Station Microbrewery, Short’s Brewing Company, and Here:Say Storytelling in the fall of 2013.

Since January 6th of 2013 Mike’s recorded and produced 257 episodes and with the addition of three extremely talented team members who you can meet here… Quarter After Productions is set to take on more productions and work with clients who see podcasting as a marketing asset that works for them and educates their followers twenty four hours a day, anywhere in the world.

Build Your Platform and Prove It

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Podcasting Isn’t Easy! – But when you have a team of people behind you, helping you consistently release content, coaching you on how you can improve your hosting skills as well as taking care of tedious tasks that can slow down your podcast production it gets a lot easier. You can focus on your content, and be more passionate in your delivery.  People can tell instantly if your passionate about your message.

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