In-Studio Production

If you live in Northern Michigan, the easiest way to get started in podcasting is to schedule a time in the Quarter After Productions studio located in Traverse City. We already have everything you need to start and release a podcast now!

Why Use Our In-Studio Production Services?

Our in studio production is by far the easiest way to get started in podcasting. We have all the high quality recording equipment, a sound proof recording studio, and the ability to publish your show the day it’s recorded.

How does In-Studio Production Work?

You contact us and we’ll set you up with a time for you to come in and check out the studio. If you’ve already got your ducks in order and your ready to starting publishing podcasts then contact us and we’ll send you a Calendly to schedule a time.


All rates are determined after our initial meeting about your podcast. Every show is different and we embrace that.  We bring into account show length, production level, and turn around time. In studio shows give us the opportunity to have more control over audio quality, and the ability to bring in live performers and guests into your show.

Turn Around

In-Studio turn around time can be a lot quicker then mobile production recordings. We have the ability to get started right away on post production. We can negotiate at 72, 48, or 24 hour turn around time.

Clean and Comfortable

Our studio is clean, comfy, and quiet. We want you to have a space where you can execute the recording of your show with out having to worry about the studio being clean, or presentable to guests. This is the highest priority of our In-Studio sessions.

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If you’re in the Traverse City area, please contact us about In-Studio recording sessions for your podcast.