Mobile Production

We bring our studio, into your office. That’s right…our mobile production studio has allowed us to record podcasts where ever we are asked to go. We have the equipment and experience to capture quality recordings in just about any situation.

Why Use Our Mobile Production Services?

So you don’t have time to run to a studio, and it would be a lot of easier if you could record your podcast during the work day or right after it. Well then our mobile recording studio is exactly what you need. We bring all the same services of  our in-studio production to your office, home, or where ever your podcast may go.

How does Mobile Production Work?

We set up an initial meeting to check out the space where you want to record your show and we build a system and a schedule where it’s easy for us to come in, set up, and capture your content. Then we pack up and head back to the studio for post production.


Every show is different, and at this point all of our rates have to be quoted after our initial meeting. Rates our determined by travel time, length of show, and turn around time.

Turn Around time

With mobile recording we normally work with a one week turn around time, but we can negotiate 24, 48, or 72 hour turn around times as well.

Clean Set Up

All of our equipment fits in one bag, and we always want to respect our clients by keeping our set ups clean and efficient. We understand that our set up represents your business and leaves an impression on your guests.

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Please contact us with any questions you may have about mobile recording. We’d be happy to come to you and talk about producing a show from your place of business.