Services We Provide

Quarter After Productions specializes in guiding businesses large and small in producing entertaining and engaging podcasts that can reach your loyal followers from anywhere around the world. We provide in house recording, mobile recording, online editing, show notes, transcriptions, and all the time consuming practices that are needed for a successful, consistent podcast .

High Quality Production

Whether your recording takes place in your office, or in our studio. We have the tools and experience to provide you with a high quality recording of your podcast every time. Once the content recording is finished, we bring it into our studio to clean, level, and format your show so it’s ready to be published.

Show Notes

Show notes are a valuable asset to work along side your audio. We can provide engaging show notes with links to all things referenced in your podcast recording. Maybe you like putting together the show yourself but hate writing the show notes to follow, well we can take care of that as well. Check out our rates here….

Online Editing

Location is never an issue especially with our online editing services. You upload your raw audio to a shared Dropbox or Google Hard Drives folder and we do the rest. We’ll edit out annoying Uh’s, mouth noise, pauses, etc… We work with the client to find out how they want their dialog to be presented and we make it happen. Check out our testimonials here…

Launch Assistance

Just need some advice? Or someone to assist you with your podcast launch. Well we’ve got plenty of experience in that department. There are a lot of books and online courses out there that can help you but what we offer is brutal honest feedback. The kind of feedback that will help you avoid unproven practices and mastermind groups that provide you with a template not a strategy.We focus on quality and helping your show appeal to your target listeners.

Intros, Outros, & Music Placement

Finding high quality royalty free music to place in your podcast can be tough especially when you want to have a feel for your show presentation. Well you’re in luck because everyone employed at Quarter After Productions is a musician!!! We also work consistently with talented independent musicians who are dying to give you permission to use their songs in your podcast!!! Contact us and we’ll send you a list of great musicians.

Production Training

We realize podcasting is an evolving medium so we will consistently offer free training,”how to” videos, and a monthly newsletter to our clients to stay ahead of the game. If you are looking for in person podcast training course we do offer that as well. Feel free to check out our pricing regarding this course.

Build Your Podcast Platform

You can get started on your podcast plan today, we are here to help. Please let us know when you are ready to establish yourself as an expert in your community!